Through Maverick's Artist-in-Residence program, two local artists were invited to create art along the Southside trail of the Atlanta Beltline.

Courtney Brooks

I define and create space of imagery that amplifies black joy through narratives that are a reflection of my spiritual journey. Exploring parallel life experiences that encourages creativity, self love and healing. My studio work as a multidisciplinary conceptual artist, approaches visions through acrylic, watercolor, and oils paints. Photography and fiber art are of experimental collaborations , transforming communities tocelebrating our culture through workshops and team building. My art carries subject matter that focus on black women and children navigating through organic lines with bold colors. I believe the greatest way to serve is to tell our stories, share our identities and honor our ancestors is a gracious way to pay tribute for the path laid for us.

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Petie Parker

PetieParker is a muralist, fine artist, developer,  and creative entrepreneur who has been in the Atlanta Art Scene for over 10 years. He first made a name as an Artist Manager and became known as the manager to a few notable visual artist/creatives; helping them to grow their following and monetize their abilities. In 2020, during COVID and after becoming the General Manager of Peters Street Station Art & Design Community Center, Petie made the  transition into being an artist himself.  With a passion for painting portraits coupled with various shades of blacks.  His murals began with a focus on specifically educating viewers on the history of neighborhoods and the communities his art is displayed in. Also, Petie's background as a developer has allowed him create with augmented reality, interactive murals and paintings that merge art and technology.

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